Company profile

Kohinoor Paint's comprehensive range of paints is used extensively for the interiors and exteriors of residential and office buildings, factories and commercial buildings. Besides having a diverse range of colours and textures, Kohinoor Paint’s products are also environmentally-friendly because many of them are water-borne and high-solid low VOC paints. These have made Kohinoor products aesthetically pleasing, durable and protective, and at the same time, safer for humans and the environment. we have manufacture different products you can see to our photo gallery.

As one of the leading paint manufactures in gujarat and india, kohinoor and american paint have constantly srtived to deliver innovative products and services, which help protect and beautiful our surroundings. Combining research and development with in-depth local market understanding, we provide end to end solutions for virtually all kinds of painting needs from home furnishing, high rise builidings, factories, automobiles and other vechicle, to numerous industrail applications.